Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Three presenters came to our school

This morning Mr Patterson came to Pt. England school with three presenters  to presenter to  us about what they did and going to do in the future. Mr Samuels came to talk to us about tv entertainer, Paula came to talk to us about Attitude and Amelia Came to talk to us about fashion designer. My favorite presenter was Paula he told us a story about him when he always won swimming competitions at school when he was young , so the the school let him in the school swimming team.

few weeks later that went to a swiming pools the coach told the team to get in there swimming gear on, they went to put their gear on then came out of the changing rooms went to the side and waited for his race to come. 20 mins later he went to the line got into his swimming position he waited till he heard the clap to go he was chilled out, Boom!! he heard the clap then dived in the pool like a Seal He was swimming everyone got  tired at halfway so he tried to go his legs and tried to run to the end but he couldn’t touch the ground Paula was swallowing a lot of water he was drowning he passed out in the water a life guard came as fast as he could he got to Paul brang him out of the pool to the side line and pumped his stomach to  wake up and get the water out of him that he swallowed in the pool suddenly Paula woke up and he choke out water out of his mouth. They all got out of the pool and he was so embarrassed they went in the van and went back to school.

That was Paula’s story he shared with us this morning.             

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2014

This year team 5 went to the Hoyts Cinemas for Manaiakalani Film Festival 2014. We went at 11:30 and the rest of the school went at 9:00 clock because there were not enough seats at the movies. When 11:30 came by 3 buses came to pick us up it was only a gold coin for the bus, each class got a buss each in team 5. I went to take a seat next to Hala my friend on the bus, We talked the whole way there about how excited we were to watch the films from schools.
When we got to Sylvia Park  we got of the bus got in a class line and walked to the Hoyts Cinemas , on our way walking to the Cinemas we saw shops open Dick smith, Factory, Foot Locker and many more. We got to the cinemas and walked in and found our seats I sat next to Jacob and Lee my friends from school, we waited from about 10 mins until the films came on there was another school with us called Somerville special. 10 mins went by the lights turned off the Big screen came on, they welcomed us to the Manaiakalani Film Festival 2014.

First our movie came on the name is it was The Nice boomerang Its about helping being nice to other helping then when they need help movie made by class 3. My Favorite movie was Class 2 from our school, my favorite movie from Somerville special is Sneak Sneaking Sneakers the film was funny. A lot of movies came on we watch all of it. When 2:00 clock came by we clapped at the end of the last movie, we all got up and got in our lines then walked out saying thank you for coming to Somerville special. We got on the Buss at went back to school.