Friday, February 18, 2011

My Holiday

In the holiday I went swimming with my mum and my big brother at the YMCA. We had lunch first and it was yum. I went on the slide too. I had to wait for 15 minutes so I didn’t spew up. Finally I went in the pool. It was hot. It was fun. I liked it. After a while I went home. I watched T.V.


Paige Bryant said...


It sounds like you had loads of fun over the holiday break. Do you visit the YMCA often? I've never been. Hopefully one day I can go and have as much fun as you had. Keep posting!


Room14 said...

hi Paige thank you for commenting on my blog.Y very I do go to the YMCA very often because .I like swimming.

Miss Walker said...

Logan, I love your picture. It looks like you had a good holiday. I am glad you waited after eating your lunch before you wnet swimming.
Can't wait to read your next story.

Wyatt said...

This is an exciting piece of writing I really want to go swimming now but sadly I cannot.Keep on writing Logan:)(smile)

jeryco said...

Sup Logan

I like your story I had to do the same thing but I got bord did you get bord? keep up the good work.

Isara said...

Fun Ive been to the YMCA pools it is fun i like the hydro slide by isara

Esrah said...

Hi logan very nice story but I would like to hear more about your holiday. Keep up the good work and continue your good writing.

sarona said...

hi logan
i really like your pitcher and your writing how was the pools with your mum.

hayley said...

hi logan I like your holiday story

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