Monday, March 31, 2014


Title: Psy’s Hit on youtube   

Park Jae-sang.
He Lives and Was Born at South Korea He was born in  December 31, 1977 age 36
He is Famous for Getting 3 million hits on youtube for his song Gangnam Style.

Park Jae-sang Was really famous for getting 3 million likes for his song Gangnam Style. He comes from south Korea and his Age right now is 36 And his date of birth is December 31, 1977. His New song right now is Gentleman He's a singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, record producer and television personality.

Gangnam Style" - Most viewed video online
Gangnam Style" - Most "liked" video online
Gangnam Style" - First video to be viewed more than 1 billion times on YouTube
Gentleman" - Most viewed video online in 24 hours

On October 14, 2006, Psy married Yoo Hye-yeon he has been with her for 3 and a half years. they have twin daughters In late 2001, Psy was arrested for smoking and possessing marijuana and was sentenced 25 days in jail.

His song Gangnam Style Came out on 2012  On December 21, 2012, his music video for "Gangnam Style" exceeded

1 billion views on YouTube, becoming the first and currently only video to do so in the website's history.

His fathers name is Park Won-Ho And  His mother, Kim Young-hee, owns several restaurants in Gangnam.


Mallory Harris said...

My name is Mallory. I am a student at the University of South Alabama in the EDM310 class. I really enjoyed reading this post. You did a great job sharing the information you learned about Park Jae-sang's life and success.

Monique Clark said...

That song really was a hit wasn't it Logan. He seems to have achieved a lot, Koreans must be proud!

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