Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Story Fairy Tale

As Frankie Manky was walking around at school on a windy day he heard a hand dry from the toilets, “Oh no there’s a  Tornado coming,”  he said ’’I have to go tell Mr Burt’’. As he was walking Frankie Manky saw Shorty sporty. Shorty sporty said” Where are you going” Frankie Manky said“I'm going see  Mr Burt Theres a Tornado coming’’ Shorty sporty said ‘’Can I come’’? Frankie Manky said ‘’yes’’.

So Frankie Manky and Shorty Sporty was walking to Mr Burt as they were walking they saw Tomato Potato . She said ‘’Where are you going’’ Frankie Manky said “me and Shorty Sporty are going to Mr Burt because I heard a Tornado coming’’ Tomato Potato  said  “ oh then can I come with you and shorty sporty’’ Frankie Manky said ‘’yes you may come’’. so Frankie manky,shorty sporty and Tomato Pamato went to tell the king the king theres a tornado coming. As they were walking they saw Tall paul. Tall paul said ‘’Where are you going’’ Frankie Manky said ‘’we are going to see Mr Burt’’ Tall paul said  ‘’Oh I know a shortcut let me show you’’ Frankie Manky said ‘’yes okay’’.

As Frankie Manky,Shorty Sporty,Tomato Potato and Tall paul were taking a shortcut it was thought the forest and down the hill He took us to a dark cave He heard Dogs they were on the top of the hill Frankie Manky,Shorty Sporty and Tomato Potato ran up down the kill and to Mr Burts office finally the got to Mr burt and Frankie Manky said “There a Tornado coming can hear you’’. Mr burt said no its a hand dryer from the toilets.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The mouse story

The moment I woke up, I discovered to my shock and horror that I was the size of a small interesthing mouse! Today was going to be very interesting day indeed!

As I looked in the mirror it seems really different I said to myself it feel like I am someone else it seems like i am a huge normal persons but then I look inside the mirror again i was just a normal mouse it seemed weird.

When I went out my house i looked at my friend and said that i was going for a walk and then he said i will come to if that alright with you. I said to him sure you may come for a walk with me when we were going we went right out of our city.

We went to this place the we didn’t knew where we were going so i said i can see these huge and enormous gantis people i was so so scared to go so in just ran back home and i was really fine back where I lived.      

If I was a little mouse i will be afraid of people and I will run away. The best thing about a mouse is it can go through little holes.The bad thing about mouse is people will maybe kill it, may set up traps and get chased from a cat and dog.

If I saw a giant it could kill me or eat me. If the giant was chasing me I would be going through the gaps as I’ve been seeing some enormous people going past me. I have to go through the some houses

Friday, June 21, 2013

Literacy movie


Literacy Writing

Hats red

Hats green

Hats Black

Hats Yellow

white Hats

Blue Hats

Red: What I felt about our literacy task was a little angry. Because my teammates weren't cooperating except auri and Lukis

Green: The interesting thing about this task. Is that I never new that we could use Michael Jackson

Black: Stuff i didn't enjoy was that a filed vertically

Yellow: Stuff I did enjoy was dancing

White: Stuff I learnt was that if you filmed vertically  you can crop it and it won't be that small.

Blue: Next time I will start on cooperating with my mates.