Friday, October 28, 2011

When I went to assembly there was a movie on and it was about the sun . My favourite one was Star Wars it was funny.
I liked the Planet Rap to because it was a song. Mrs Tuala was dancing like a robot
In the movie people were fighting in the plane with their lightsavers.


Anonymous said...

Miss Walker - I didn't go to assembly,so I enjoyed reading your blog about what happened there. What an exciting assembl!! I hope someone filmed Mrs Tuala dancing. I want to see that.

Mary LaCoste said...

Hello Logan. My name is Mary LaCoste, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama taking a course in technology. I enjoyed reading your blog post. It sounds like you really enjoyed assembly. It must have had a space theme because you mentioned planets, robots, and Star Wars. I love the Star Wars movies, and I find space to be very interesting. I recently took my class of 6th graders on a field trip, and we watched a very entertaining IMAX movie about the pictures that were taken by the Hubble telescope. Very cool blog! Keep up the great work!

logan said...

Thank you Mary for commenting on my blog. Wow I would like to go to South Alabama. I like the Star Wars movies too.

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