Monday, April 23, 2012

Art Alive Assembly

This term we are learning  about art alive . Team one was up first to show us their movie. It was about patterns of animals. 

My  favourite team was team five with Miss Squires , Mr Barks  and Mrs Lagitupu. It was funny because red  made Mr Barks  feel angry, blue made him feel like crying and yellow made him feel like dancing.

Team four was cool to because Miss king was the  Art Critic she was  judging the paintings. Miss king liked the painting of Vincent Van Gough.


Mr Marks said...

Mr Barks was hilarious wasn't he. I think he would make a great actor. Do you think Mrs Barks really took that many bags on her trip to Paris?

You have doen a good job of using commas in your writing Logan. Well done.

Lorenzo said...

Hi Logan it me Lorenzo I really like your story about art alive assembly what I like about it the way you used capital letters and full stops but next time it would be better if you put a picture on.

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