Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The mouse story

The moment I woke up, I discovered to my shock and horror that I was the size of a small interesthing mouse! Today was going to be very interesting day indeed!

As I looked in the mirror it seems really different I said to myself it feel like I am someone else it seems like i am a huge normal persons but then I look inside the mirror again i was just a normal mouse it seemed weird.

When I went out my house i looked at my friend and said that i was going for a walk and then he said i will come to if that alright with you. I said to him sure you may come for a walk with me when we were going we went right out of our city.

We went to this place the we didn’t knew where we were going so i said i can see these huge and enormous gantis people i was so so scared to go so in just ran back home and i was really fine back where I lived.      

If I was a little mouse i will be afraid of people and I will run away. The best thing about a mouse is it can go through little holes.The bad thing about mouse is people will maybe kill it, may set up traps and get chased from a cat and dog.

If I saw a giant it could kill me or eat me. If the giant was chasing me I would be going through the gaps as I’ve been seeing some enormous people going past me. I have to go through the some houses


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