Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At Motat

On Wednesday we went to Motat I went in the tactile dome, with my friend Isara. We were in group’s of 5 but we lost my 2 friends in the tactile dome. We had to climb down and slide. It felt  fuzzy. 
When we were finished we went to the mirror maze. My teacher got stuck so I showed her the way out. 
After that we went to the games arcade and I played pac man. It was fun. I got up to level 2 and we had 3 lives .
After morning tea we went in a room to learn about the olden days.
I liked the tooth paste squeezer invention because it saved some tooth paste.


Rauf said...

Wow Logan I like your writing about Motat.That is a really good description.

Anonymous said...

Hi Logan, That was cool that you showed your teacher the way out of the mirror maze. I imagine I would get very lost. I am an old person so I remember pac man. That was a game I coudl play.
I don't know about the toothpaste invention. That sounds interesting.
Miss Walker

logan said...

To Rauf and miss W Thank you for coming on my blog and thank you for say that.

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