Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tree

On the 10th of December the girl was putting up the Christmas tree. She was going to put up the star and then the decorations. The star was gold and it was small. The decorations were colourful on the Christmas tree. On the night before Christmas the girl heard something. She went to look where the Christmas tree was and there  was nothing. Then she went outside and she saw Santa’s sleigh on the roof. She climbed on the roof.She was on the roof  and she went into the Santa’s Sleigh .Santa went round town.The girl came out of the back and said to Santa, ‘’Hey Santa.” Santa said, “Hi kid. What! How did you get in here?’’ The girl said, “I came in here when you were not looking.’’ Santa said, “Wow kid I've got to drop you off home.’’ When Santa drop off the girl he said to the girl “What do you want  for Christmas?” The girl said, “ A bike please.” Santa said “Okay.” On Christmas morning the girl got a bike.


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