Friday, May 31, 2013


Diabetes is a sickness where your pancreas isn’t working, the pancreas should make insulin. Insulin is used as a key to open body cells so that glucose (Sugar) can get through the cell wall, where it is needed to make energy. there are two types of diabetics.

People with type 1 diabetes find out they have it at a young age. They often feel tired, have low energy and get thirsty a lot. Type 1 diabetes can’t be cured yet but doctors can give you insulin and other medications to keep it in check. Diabetics monitor their blood sugar level every day to see if they need to inject themselves.

People with type 2 diabetes often don’t develop it until adulthood. Usually because they are overweight and have a poor diet. the best way to manage type 2 diabetes is to eat healthy and exercise.

If diabetes is left un-checked people can develop sleep apnoea,  lose their eyesight or even limbs because of bad blood flow. In worse cases some people have strokes and heart attacks.


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