Monday, December 9, 2013

Logan Question's.

I get up at 8:00 and get ready and put my uniform on then I have breakfast I . My mum has to do my hair I go get my lunch ready for school Then I walk to school at 8:15 with my cousins there names are Bailee and Val.

I go off in the sunny morning and meet my friends at school. Then we have to sing a maori song in the morning and our mihi.

I went to Room 22 to  do my work and I always sit next to Frankie and Lorenzo We always play touch or hand ball in morning tea. after lunch we have to do  xtra math and math whizz I like going on the computer and doing my art work on the computer.

We have Maori on tuesday so thats means we have to go miss T after lunch on tuesdays when its 3:00 we go home. Then we go pools sometimes after school I have to go home and ask my mum and she will sometimes say yes and sometimes she says no we always go and dive in the pool its fun at 5:00 clock I go home and Frankie drops me off home or Auri.  I go home after Auri or frankies drops me off and have a nice shower I like showers because you can smell very nice. After shower I go and make me a hot milo and I go in the living room with my milo and watch a movie or play on the computer.

1st. What Color do you like ?
2nd. Do you like school ?
3rd. What are your favorite subjects ? at work/home/school
4th. What are  your favorite food ?
5th. What is your favorite NRL player ?
6th. Do you like Playing any board game ?
7th. Do you like music ?
8th. What are your most sacred fears ?


Auri said...

1. black
2. yes because i get to met my friend like u and i get to learn more and more, 3. that is a good one my favourite subjects is maths and at school
4. mango, batter chicken , and more
5. that would be Ben barba.
6. yes do u
7. yes a lot of them what about u
8. falling down that all

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