Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sound explanation template

If you shut the door you will make sound waves. You cant see it because it goes really fast. In water the level of speed is 344.4 meters per second. In air it is 330 meters/seconds. However the actual speed is depending on the temperature and to a lesser degree. It starts from a vibration which travels to your ears. Sound waves are reflected off walls when sound are made in a room. The way that sound travels in a room is called acoustics.

When a sound source travels towards you, the sound raise in pitch when the sound source travel away from you, the sound lowers in pitch. This is known as the Doppler effect. A thin piece of skin inside your ear. Sound waves make vibrate and your brain detect this movement as sound.

Pitch describes how high or low a note is. A high note has a low pitch. The Sound waves are vibrating.
Echoes are sound that have bounced off a hard surface and heard after the first sound has been made
Vibration is when something moves backwards and forwards very quickly it is said to be a vibration
Sound waves that have very high pitch. The sound is so high that humans cannot hear it.
An instrument used by doctors to listen to the sound in your body that you can’t usually hear, such as your heartbeat.
The Way in which ships and some animals bounce sound off objects to get a picture of their surroundings.


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