Tuesday, April 12, 2011


On Thursday I went to Skateland with Mr Somerville, it was fun. We went to play squash but it was closed and so we went for a walk around the basin with Mr. Barks. I had fun climbing the tree with Brodie. All of us had fun jumping off the wall onto the sand. I went to squash. I played with my friends Wyatt and Jacob. Jacob won all the games. My group’s name was called Fully Charged. I slept in the tent with my friend Isara. When I went to Swimarama. I went on the hydroslide, it was all dark. It was fun I played “how low can you go”. I went to camp cooking with Mr Somerville. It was fun. I watched a movie called ‘Despicable Me’. I went to the camp concert. My group came 4th and the All Stars won.


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