Thursday, September 13, 2012

my Favorite meals

My favorite dinner is Mc Donalds. Its yum I like it if I was the owner for Mc Donalds I will name a burger after me. My brother likes Cow Juniors I think that their burger are too big for me even the happy meals are. My mum likes KFC it is nice but there chinkin but no burgers. My favorite at Mc Donalds burger is big mac.


Kayla Johnson said...

Hi Logan,
My name is Kayla Johnson. I am a college student in the United States. I also love McDonald's very much. I wonder if our McDonald's in the U.S. taste the same as yours in NZ. I also am interested in knowing what Cow Juniors is? My favorite from McDonald's is a double cheese burger. I like the Big Mac but it is not my favorite. I really enjoyed reading your blog on your favorite meal. Keep up the good work.
Kayla Johnson

Logan said...

Thank you Kayla Johnson our Mc Donald's taste the same I went to United states It was fun there I went to disney land and that was also fun. Thank you kayla !


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