Thursday, August 23, 2012

the school cross country

The School Cross Country

After lunch was over we always trained for cross country.
We did warm ups and running around the whole school. Sometimes we had to run to the beach and back it was very hard. It was very long and so muddy and wet.  Sometimes it rained while we were running. If we stopped for 5 seconds we have to do 20 star jumps.

The cross country race started at the beach. We walked down to the beach and waited for the year 5 boys to go. When the boys went Mr Burt told us to get ready, get set and then he clapped the wood for us to go. We went to the bridge and then across the creeks. I was so exhausted but I did not give up. We went along the paths and through the gate to the finish line. I came third.

I felt happy and good.


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