Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meals for your brain and body

Meals for the Brain and Body

This morning me and my literacy group.
had breakfast at school. We had ,weetbix, milo, yoghurt, and milk. It was nice and hot. I put hot water onto my weetbix and then I put sugar  and milk too. Then I ate my  weetbix. After I had finished my weetbix I had some yoghurt too. When we had eaten it I made some milo. We had to put milo inside the cup and then sugar.We put hot water with milk and I drank it all.

Today me and my literacy group made some sandwiches for lunch. Yesterday we made breakfast but today we made lunch. Today was fun. I put cheese, tomato, lettuce,and butter in my bread it was yum.Then Mrs Tepania wrapped our sandwiches up and put our names on them. When it’s lunch time I am going to eat my sandwiches.        


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