Monday, March 18, 2013


Me and Lukis and Frankie was on a boat It was so windy  the leaves were flying the wind was whistling in my ear the sea was roaring  we were fishing on my boat.We got closer and closer to the rocks the waves there hitting the boat. and Frankie said and there was no where to go. Lukis found his phone and we rang 111. The rescue helicopter came and a guy pull down a rope so we went to climb it one by one. we got into the rescue helicopter it went to the doctors  

‘’Oh no theres a hole in the boat! ‘’ said lukis. What should we do ‘said Frankie Oh look I found my phone said Lukis’’ Oh good ring 111 befor the boat go down to the water ‘’said logan. Lukis rang for a rescue helicopter. Logan saw the rescue helicopter it was big the boat was going down fast Lukis said’ hurry go one by one We were save.


Mr. Hutchings said...

Hey Logan,

Sounds like the beginnings of a good tale to tell your friends, make sure things are happening in the right order though, did the hellicopter turn up before you rang them?

Cheers, Mr. Hutchings

Frankie said...

wow logan

i really like your story about the beach.

keep up the good work.

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