Tuesday, March 26, 2013


One day me and my dad went camping. We went up north and camped near the beach. It was big there and the beach was just next to us, the car ride took forever! to get up north it was getting dark by the time we got there so we went and set up our tent and went to sleep it was so dark without the street lights. Dad said “I heard something outside the tent this morning” I said “who ate the food?” dad said “ Must've been a warthog.” The next morning someone took the food again said dad I have to buy more food get some  mouse traps they are eating all of our food.

so dad went to buy some more food and he said to his son this time I'm going to leave the food in the car. it was getting dark they went  to bed because it was getting dark. Dad said to himself I'm just going to hide the mouse traps around outside wake me up if you want to go outside to go toilet or get some food  his son said okay We woke up and I said dad there is something outside so we went to have a look it was fat it was a pig it was running around the place and it slow so

we got our touches and ran after it we were running on the beach past the big tree and finally got the pig we called 111 we asked for a cop because there is a pig the cop came over they took the pig and said there's the missing pig thank you. we said your welcome the cops went. me and my dad was walking back in the dark with our touches so we went back to sleep.   


Jenny Oxley said...

Hi Logan,

I just read your blog about your camping up North and how you and your dad caught that pig. I bet you had to run so fast! Thanks for sharing this story,

Jenny (Manaiakalani Education Trust)

Antonio T said...

Hey Logan,

l Like the way you had very good detailed paragraphs.
Anyway your writing was very effective and very exciting.

From Antonio.T

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