Monday, July 28, 2014

What I did in the holidays

I woke up one morning really excited ready to go Rainbows End with my cousin. It  was very cloudy. I looked up into the sky and I felt a drip of water from the sky went on my face it was spitting as we were hopping into the car all ready to go.

As my mum was driving to my cousin’s house it started to rain. We were disappointed because we couldn’t  go to Rainbows End. All the rides would be closed. Instead we went to countdown and purchased junk all the junk food imaginable. As we were about to purchase junk food my mum received a phone call in the supermarket from my aunt saying she had a baby so we collected all junk food that was in site and rushed to the counter My aunty had a baby and we were gonna go to Rainbows End with them so we went out west to have some lunch at my aunty’s house.

20 mins later we got to my aunty’s house we took the food up stress and said Hi to my cousin’s aunty we put the food in the fridge. I went with my cousin’s to their room to play Black Ops 2 on xbox 360 we played zombies we survived up to round 32 it was fun. after a little while my mum called our names to come get some lunch.


Monique Clark said...

Your holidays seem to have been very exciting Logan! Congratulations on the birth of your new baby cousin, how awesome is that!

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