Thursday, March 13, 2014

Answers for my Reading

Ask Eddie, by Andre Ngapo
School Journal April 2013, Level 2

WALT: Make predictions, summarize and analyse a given text.

Answer the following questions in red:

Looking at the image and the title of the text, what do you think the story is about? Him not knowing the powhiri.

Can you predict what is about to happen next? Hes going to learn how to do it.

Why did you make that prediction? When the kaumatua sings the maori song he might know the powhiri.

Can you point to something in the book that helped you to make that prediction? OR What do you already know that helped you make that prediction? he feels sad not knowing the powhiri.

How do you think Eddie feels about not knowing how to do a powphiri? He feels  sad or bad that he dont know his own tradition maori powhiri.

What does Manase not know how to do? the Sasa.

Why does Eddie keep his mouth shut as other students begin to call out their ideas? He is scared he might get an answer wrong.

Eddie must be feeling very upset with himself, Are there clues that make us think this? Yes because On the front of the page he is feeling happy then on the other pic he turned upset and sad.

What’s going to happen next? He asked the koro if there was a lot of rules in the powhiri.

What must have taken place before __(skipped)_____________? Is there

What do you think that (character) meant by _Masnse wanted to cheer him up because he dont know the sasa._________? … felt about

Who comes at visit the children in the afternoon? The koro comes to sing songs and does maori with them.

Why does Koro Tu ask lots of questions? To find out what they know about the powhiri.

What does Koro Tu mean by keeping your eyes and your ears open? because to them what to do in a powhiri. If they keep their eyes open and ears they would be find.


What is the problem to be solved in this story? Is there a solution? Eddie does not know the powhiri and he dont wanna sing because he said he can't sing.

Who did what? What makes you think so? Eddie wants to know about the powhiri he asked koro a lot of questions about the powhiri.

What do you wonder about after reading so far? I hope he learns the powhiri.

What is the most important point in this story or passage? About the Tradition maori  powhiri.


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