Friday, March 14, 2014


Avengers is one of my favorite movie because it has some of my coolest superheroes like Iron man , Hulk smash , Thor , Robin Hood and Captain America. The main story is about aliens or robots trying to take over the world and the superheros are trying to stop them the Actors are really good because they are funny as well.

They are famous of their movie acting I really like Thor because he is cool and the strongest I think. The Director is Joss Whedon and the actors are Robert Downey he plays Iron man , Chris evans he plays captain  ,  Chris Hemsworth he plays thor , Jeremy Renner he plays Robin hood.

It was released April 11 2012 (hollywood) there. It was exciting and if I could change it I would change the setting to New Zealand or change Hulk Smash. The Next Avengers is 2015 it is called The Avengers: Age Of Ultron I really want to watch it because there might be a new superhero. The Film is based on the  Marvel comics superhero team.



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