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Logan School Journal Part 2 Number 2, 1995 Answer

School Journal Part 2 Number 2, 1995

Fixing the playground by Bob Kerr

WALT: Discuss the text information

Answer the following questions in red:

Where were the children playing after school?
At the playground playing on the netball hoop.

What was wrong with the hoop the children had been playing on?
Their net ball hoop was falling down.

What suggestions did Lene Make, about what they might need?
They said Swing , slide ,fence and new hoop
Who is Mr Findlay? Their teacher.

What did Mr Findlay suggest the students do? Ring the councillors to ask if they can fix the playground.

Where did Mr Findlay take the students? How did they react to being at such  place?  He took them to the Councillors they set up a meeting on Wednesday  

Predict what you think will happen next in the story? They will go fix the playground and add more new stuff to the playground.

Summarise what has happened in the story so far: They went to the councillors and asked them if they can fix their playground because there hoop is falling down and they don't have a fence because sometimes the ball goes on the road and we have to get it is very dangers because someone might get hit by a car.

Who introduced and welcomed the children? The chairman and councillors.

What school did the children attend? Where in NZ is this school? (Find out online) Strathmore school Strathmore Dr, Waikato 3420, New Zealand

What did the students talk about when the were at the meeting with the chairman? They were talking about how they can fix the playground.


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