Thursday, March 13, 2014

What Empathy Means To Me

The word empathy means feelings , another's , person ,  thoughts and state. Empathy means someone you can share your feeling or the ability to understand. See how they feel . Also Means being kind to others or someone getting into there feeling.

It is so important because it means a lot to people that have feeling. You can share empathy by talking to someone about it like a best friend or a close friend. Empathy is good because it can take you a very long way. If you did help a friend you and him could be successful if you just believe in yourself.

Empathy also means looking after your family members or taking care of the little ones taking charge of things be caring for others.  You can put your self in other peoples shoes or If somebody is putting themselves in your shoes that means like connecting to each other they are showing empathy. If people are empathetic to others we would have a happy community.

If someone wants to be empathy they would  walk , play games , talk  and stuff like that.  people often confuse sympathy and caring for empathy however you can be sympathetic.  Your community could show empathy if they heard what you are doing showing empathy and it is a very good thing to.



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